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game time (and that darn trash talkin’ snail)

Recently, I’ve been playing Snail’s Pace Race with Cate nearly every morning and she loves it. I love the game because 1.) the pieces are wooden and durable 2.) it’s easy for Cate to understand 3.) the players aren’t trying … Continue reading

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3 guesses

Does anyone want to venture a guess as to who took her first step last night?!

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either I need to refresh Cate’s knowledge of anatomy or…

…Mr. Potato Head has been standing too close to the microwave again.

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opera cake

  I hate baking. I love to cook, but I’ve always thought baking was too fussy; to precise. So, as a challenge to myself and to try to foster an appreciation for baking, I joined Daring Bakers. I received this … Continue reading

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another trip to countryland

This Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip to go visit my family. They have a pool, and for the first visit this year, the weather was good for swimming. Cate-the-fish could hardly contain herself. She loves water like you … Continue reading

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because, you know, I’m a professional quilter and decorator…ha!

I’ve decided to make quilts for the girls’ bedroom when we move and Meg is ready to change to a real bed next summer (yes, I’m giving myself a year to get this done.) Only problem is that I’m such … Continue reading

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raising readers

I’m so happy that Cate and Meg love books. Cate has always been willing to sit quietly in her chair next to her books and look at pictures. When she got old enough, she would recite the ones she’d memorized. … Continue reading

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