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nothing but trouble, this one

Yes, that is my lipstick.

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Cate is exhausted today, enough so that I thought I could get her to take a nap.  She asked to wear pajamas, I read her a book and tucked her in.  Then I went to my room to take care … Continue reading

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if you thought getting into the cake would be enough…

…you seriously underestimate Cate. Left to her own devices for a few minutes, Cate decided to rub an entire bottle of shampoo into her dry hair while standing in the sink. She looks proud of herself. If you could have … Continue reading

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crotchless pajamas

I guess the way Cate typically takes off her pajamas (nap clothes) has become boring to her. (I mean, come on, how many times can you take them off before you get sick of doing it the same old way?) … Continue reading

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Cate, Cate, Cate

Please go to sleep. Don’t take your clothes off anymore. I’ve had to put them back on 3 times already today during your “nap.” I don’t know what there is left to do about that. You can take off everything. … Continue reading

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since you must have been dying to know

Cate has taken the liberty of showing what half a roll of paper towels looks like unrolled:

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my crazy monkey girl

Cate is a climber. It’s tough to keep her out of anything. Here’s a picture of her the other day. The high chair is folded and in the closet, but she climbed up and into it anyway.

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