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We woke this morning at 5:30 to a magnitude 7.0 earthquake!  Yikes! Everyone and everything is fine.  The pictures are a little crooked on the wall, but other than that, no lasting effects.  (Well, my nerves are shot.)  We have … Continue reading

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breakfast help

I’m at a loss here. Cate and Meg have pretty much entirely given up eating their breakfast.  They barely pick at it, and then are hungry and grumpy until snack time or lunch.  I’ve give them eggs and toast.  They … Continue reading

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it’s official

We’re potty trained! I feel comfortable saying it this week.  We’ve made several trips out of the house with no diaper and they’ve all been successful.  No accidents in the house, either.  She still wears a diaper at nap and … Continue reading

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fat and happy

I finally managed to catch a couple of smiles on camera.  Also, I weighed her yesterday (on our home scale, so perhaps not perfectly accurate) and she’s nearing 14 lbs.  Woah!

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a girl can never have too many accessories, right?

This picture of Cate is just perfect.  She loves to accessorize herself (she’ll often grab a hat, bracelet, purse, or even a tiara as we’re walking out the door) and she’s such a little worrywart.  I think this picture captures … Continue reading

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the deployment talk

We sat down last night with the girls for the official deployment talk.  Ugh. We hadn’t made any effort to hide it, but we hadn’t told them, either.  At their ages, it didn’t make any sense to tell them 6 … Continue reading

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average weekend

We had such a good weekend.  Nothing special.  Just a fairly typical one around here. There were baths. Hanging around with Dad. Princesses. Hot soba on a cool day (which I completely devoured, as you can see.) The seawall. A … Continue reading

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whale watching

I could also call this post “the most terrifying trip ever for Cate & Meg”.  They did not have a good time, though they were excited by the idea of it, both before and after the trip. So, we decided … Continue reading

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Sesame Street Live

A few weeks ago, they had a free Sesame Street Live show here at the base theater.  Chris went to go get in line a few hours ahead of the time that the doors opened (it was first come, first … Continue reading

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Cate’s Valentine

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  I still need to write about some Valentine’s crafts we did with the kids, a Sesame Street Live performance we went to a week or two ago, and whale watching!  In … Continue reading

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