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Thursday, April 26th Huey’s first birthday! He was born in a shelter a year ago, and we adopted him when he was 7 weeks old.  We made him a tiny hat and some cupcakes (which were for the children, not … Continue reading

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Wednesday, April 25th We had dental checkups for Cate and Meg this morning.  Everything is looking good. The dentist said that Cate probably will not need braces when she gets older, but that it’s a strong possibility that Meg will. … Continue reading

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Tuesday, April 24th One of the big adjustments to living overseas is learning to adapt your cooking to the ingredients you can/can’t find at the commissary or local stores. For instance, the commissary never carries jalapeños, peaches, chipotle peppers, or … Continue reading

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Monday, April 23rd I sent Meg back to the playground to retrieve an item that was left behind.  She was taking a while, so I looked outside, and found she was wearing my shoes.  No wonder it took her so … Continue reading

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Saturday, April 22nd Fighting or playing? A little of both, actually.

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Saturday, April 21st Girl Scout sleepover – I guess it tuckered Amie out! What better place to relax than on a bounce house?

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Friday, April 20th Our Daisy troop sleepover in a cabin at a nearby beach.  We had a lot of fun, and things went extremely smoothly to say that we had seven 1st grade girls for about 19 hours.

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