another trip to countryland

This Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip to go visit my family. They have a pool, and for the first visit this year, the weather was good for swimming.

Cate-the-fish could hardly contain herself. She loves water like you would not believe. A great thing this summer is that, with floaties, she’s pretty well independent in the pool. Of course we’re always no further than a few feet from her in the pool, but she can stay afloat and move around on her own. She gets really excited that she’s “flying”. While in the water she often tells me that she’s a butterfly. Funny girl.

On Her Own

This trip also marked Meg’s first time in the pool. She loves the bath, so we figured that she’d take to the pool just like Cate. Not so – at least not at first. Chris brought her out and put her in the pool while I held her. She cried. And whined. And was just generally unhappy. I think it was probably pretty cold to her. Chris, after seeing his girl upset, went inside and put on his swimsuit. As soon as he had her in the pool, she was happy. It’s like someone flipped a switch. I really think we have a blossoming “Daddy’s girl.”




The rest of the time in the pool was a blast. Cate and Meg had a lot of fun playing with one another. It must be instinct, but Meg was kicking her legs and moving her arms just like she was swimming. One funny thing she kept doing was sticking her finger in the water and then tasting it. It was really odd-looking, but hilarious. Most of all, I couldn’t get enough of Meg in her swimsuit. How flippin’ adorable is this?

Green Swimsuit


Aside from the pool, I had a really good time. Last month, I joined the Daring Bakers as a personal challenge, and my Mom and I completed the first challenge. The full post on it will be tomorrow. Let me tell you this – it was amaaaaazing. I had a lot of fun in the kitchen with her. I wish we could do this together every month.

One last thing: Meg has discovered her nose, or more accurately, her nostrils. She’s been sticking her fingers in her nose all weekend, seemingly for no other reason than they’re there.

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3 Responses to another trip to countryland

  1. Jenn says:

    The one with her in the water is so cute !

  2. Jamie says:

    That’s great that Cate loves water. Hannah is 8 and will barely get in the water at the beach…she is TERRIFIED! I put her in swim lessons a couple of summers ago but that was it. I’m at a loss what to do with the girl!

    Meg DOES look adorable! I love little ones in their cute suits;)

  3. Jenn says:

    That’s pretty funny about the nose thing. 🙂 They look like they had a blast in the pool. How fun!

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