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"wizard ubboz"

I cannot explain the cuteness of Cate watching The Wizard of Oz (or “Wizard Ubboz” as she calls it.) It’s raining today, so she’s watching it. Seeing her try to do the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion’s dances is … Continue reading

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bye bye, Dora

I just did something I hope I don’t regret in the morning (or later this afternoon.) I deleted all the Dora the Explorer from the DVR and canceled the season recording. Yup, Dora’s gone…for good. Cate had just recently discovered … Continue reading

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you know you’ve been watching too many TV police dramas when…

…you’re convinced that the car with the person sitting inside on your street is spying on you. I need to stop watching so much of The Wire.

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"like a princess"

Cate told me she wanted her hair “like a princess” after a drawn out affair, I managed to figure out that this is how Cate feels a princess wears her hair: Two purple hairbows, one on each side. It looks … Continue reading

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You know the Geico cavemen commercials? Have you any idea how stupid I think they are? And have you any idea how funny Chris thinks they are? Now the “cavemen” have their own sitcom. Three guesses as to what Chris … Continue reading

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new strategy

Since Cate refuses to keep her clothes on, I’ve decided to give her a little “motivation.” Everyday at nap, I’ve told her that if she keeps her clothing on and goes to sleep, she’ll get a “special treat.” IT’S BEEN … Continue reading

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funny little sports fans

When Cate was a baby, she was fascinated by football. She’d sit contentedly on Chris’ lap and watch the Saints with him. This Sunday, we found out that Meg is also a football fan. She would not look away from … Continue reading

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