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Blythe’s walking!

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1 year old

On December 29th, my little baby turned one year old.  Hip hip hooray…sniff, sniff. She’s so full of spunk.  I love this little girl. On her actual birthday, I made banana cupcakes.  Blythe can eat her weight in bananas, so … Continue reading

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8 months old

This month Blythe: Returned to the country of her birth after spending nearly half her life away.  (How’s that for dramatic?) Is crawling everywhere.  And she can find the smallest bit of anything to put in her mouth. Is trying … Continue reading

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7 months old

Well, as usual, I’m behind.  Blythe turned 7 months old more than a week ago, and I’m just now getting to the post.  A trip to New Orleans and a lost computer charger interrupted my getting to it. This month … Continue reading

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we’re (mostly) sitting!

Blythe is sitting up mostly on her own.  She still falls over pretty often, so I can’t leave her on her own, but she’s getting better every day.

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6 months

A little late, but oh well.  Here’s what’s gone on with Blythe the last month.  Blythe” Now has her first two teeth! Tried rice cereal for the first time near the end of the month. Can inchworm along the floor … Continue reading

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happy birthday Chris

Today is Chris’ 29th birthday!  (Since Afghanistan time is ahead of us, it’s been his birthday for a while already, but it’s now officially his birthday stateside.) Chris, we miss you and love you.  I feel sad that we’re spending … Continue reading

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