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one of those moments

Growing up as an Air Force brat, there isn’t much about military life that phases me. You grow accustomed to things that would seem absurd or scary in civilian life (like someone having an M-16 in Burger King.) That being … Continue reading

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Meg is really starting to talk. Not only does she repeat words after us, but it’s clear that she knows the names of things on her own. She knows Mama, Dada, Cate, Mavis, and she knows that her name is … Continue reading

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need a good laugh?

Check out Cake Wrecks. My sister-in-law, Rebecca, and I have been laughing our butts off at some of these. I find this one particularly disturbing.

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beach fun

Yesterday, we decided to get out of the house and go to the beach. We went a little farther down than we typically do, and were greatly rewarded – it was a great spot! The beaches here, while not the … Continue reading

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hanging on for the ride

This week, two of Chris’ sisters are visiting us while his parents are out of town. As Rebecca (15) and Sally (13) live out of town, we don’t get to see them all that much, so it’s great to get … Continue reading

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the reveal

Here’s the haircut. I went for a Meg Ryanesque cut, and it turned out like I’d hoped, although it’s hard to see that from the picture.

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quippy girl

Lunch today for the girls was a banana, half a piece of wheat bread, yogurt, and some ham. Cate ate all her ham before finishing her yogurt or bread; she asked for more. “When you finish your yogurt, you can … Continue reading

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which would you choose?

So, it’s been almost 11 months since I’ve had my hair cut. Not a cut, not a trim – nada. I’d decided I wanted to grow it out, but I’ve recently rethought and decided it’s time to cut it again. … Continue reading

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simmer down, ma. here are some pictures for you.

Wow, I’ve missed being away from the computer, but it seems that there have been too many things getting in the way. Most of all, having my laptop out of commission has been a problem, but I think I managed … Continue reading

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One year ago today, I put my first post up. I made it simple on purpose so that I wouldn’t look back and be embarassed at whatever it was I had decided to say. 556 posts later, I’m still here. … Continue reading

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