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scenes from Okinawa

I wanted to share a couple more pictures of our new home. It really is so beautiful here. First, here’s the view from our bedroom window. You can see the East China Sea. It feels like we’re always going to … Continue reading

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Moomie’s beautiful burger buns

When Chris and I do burgers on the grill, we really like to do it up right. After all, we can get an average burger anywhere; why not make it special? For a long time, we just used the same … Continue reading

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Araha beach

Weather finally cooperated yesterday and we were able to get the girls to the beach. Cate and Meg are definitely water babies, so they’ve been dying to go to the beach here since before we arrived. We went to a … Continue reading

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blogger dates

I finally got around to adjusting the time to the time zone here and now it seems that it’s re-dated all of my old posts. So, if you’re looking at something old and the dates don’t seem right, it’s not … Continue reading

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the other cake

As sweet as Cate’s cake was, we still had another cake for Chris. Cheesecake, his favorite.

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happy birthday Chris

We wish you didn’t have to work today, but we’ve been thinking of you nonetheless. Cate made this lovely playdoh cake for you this morning, complete with candles and flames. We love you very much and hope you enjoy your … Continue reading

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sometimes I think they’re more aware than me

I often chide Cate and Meg to pay attention to what they’re doing. They’re apt to run right in front of someone on crutches, or spill a drink they’re holding while trying to do something else. I get so frustrated … Continue reading

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and now she’s 4

Can someone please put on the brakes? I want more time to soak this all in. We love you so much, Cate.

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she’s 2

I can’t believe my baby is 2 years old already. How did it happen so quickly? Happy Birthday, Meg. You are too darn cute for your own good. We love you.

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I know we’re not in the US anymore

Is that a cooking pickle?

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