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is that blood on Meg’s head?!

No, it’s the V-8 Cate’s been drinking all morning. It must’ve transferred from her face to Meg’s head when she kissed her one of the billion times she typically does in a day. Whew!

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freezer meals

Thank heavens for a freezer full of frozen meals! After I had Cate, I realized how little I felt like cooking, and how little time I actually had to do it. It seems like “witching hour” for babies falls right … Continue reading

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teeny tiny bopper

It seems we have a mini “tween” on our hands. Musically Cate has embraced all things pop. Whether it’s Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, or Nelly Furtado, Cate knows it…and loves it. You put on pop music and she … Continue reading

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a simple act but it means so much

I have to brag about Chris for a moment. He brought me my coffee in bed this morning; it’s not the first time he’s done it. He makes my coffee most mornings. He’s learned exactly how much milk and sugar … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon, I went out by myself for the first time since Meg was born. Well, I did make a quick run to the video store once, but that took all of 10 minutes. I was complaining to Chris how … Continue reading

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rose colored glasses?

I was thinking about Cate’s use of, ahem, language, and I thought perhaps I ought to look at the bright side. Instead of being upset that she is using those words, maybe I should be proud that she learned to … Continue reading

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This is the first smile I’ve been able to (mostly) capture on the camera. Thanks for the dress Ashley!

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our little sailor

Chris’ favorite phrase when he’s frustrated: put politely as I can, G– d—it! Cate obviously does not realize what this means, so she’s taken to repeating and laughing. So, yesterday I made cookies with Cate, and she asked for one. … Continue reading

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Sometimes I look at Meg while she’s sleeping and it breaks my heart to think that she’s not going to stay this innocent forever. The world will find some way to corrupt her; some way to break her spirit. Right … Continue reading

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such sweet sisters

Cate loves to hold and kiss Meg Meg looks fascinated by Cate

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