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I can’t figure this one out

Cate is eating Total cereal right now. It’s the kind that’s like bran flakes in raisin bran. No sugar, nothing bad. And she’s eating dry. This is a great snack if she likes it, but here’s the dilemma: She thinks … Continue reading

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homemade rice cereal

Meg still isn’t eating solids, which isn’t really a problem except that she seems hungry, even though she nurses often. Last night we decided to give food another whirl. It occurred to me that we don’t have to use powdered … Continue reading

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bouncing off the walls

I have no idea why she was doing this. I don’t recall giving her lots of sugar, but this went on for about 10 minutes. Kids have way too much energy.

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today’s pictures

Check out the boots. Wonder Woman (Wonder Baby, really).

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if you nurse your baby

I ran across this when I was nursing Cate, and happened to stumble upon it again yesterday. There is so much out there that makes you sound like a horrible parent if you formula feed your baby. I love this … Continue reading

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a girl could get used to this

Well, Meg didn’t sleep through the night last night, but we had a huge improvement. She went to bed at about 6:30, and woke shortly before midnight. I fed her (and actually fell asleep in the rocking chair in her … Continue reading

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Someone please explain to me why putting on a tutu requires one to remove any other article of clothing beforehand.

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"No Cate, that’s POISON!"

Not a phrase you should have to say to your 2 1/2 year old, but I do. Cate can get into anything she pleases; we can really only try to slow her down. There about 2 places that she can’t … Continue reading

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sleepy grumps

Why is it that when kids get one day of messed up sleep, it takes them several days to catch up? Cate has been crabby (to say the least) since we got home on Sunday and Meg tried to get … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – the sequel

I’m not the only obsessive picture-taker in the family! Here’s Sally (the youngest sibling) with Jose’s new camera. So, I mentioned that we went to New Orleans to have a Thanksgiving celebration with Chris’ family. I finally found the cord … Continue reading

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