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jack-o-lanterns 2009

We just finished carving our jack-o-lanterns.  Cate wanted a sad pumpkin, and Meg wanted hers to be surprised.  Chris and I both opted for the “happy” version.  No scary halloween here. The girls with the finished products.

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pumpkin whoopie pies and the proud baker

Cate and Meg are a little under the weather, so we decided to bake today for a bit of entertainment.  Cate has been enamored with pumpkin anything this fall, so we made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.  Yum!  I’m not sure what’s … Continue reading

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Houston, we have a housekeeper

I can’t believe that the day has actually come – we have a housekeeper! It seems everyone here on the island has someone to clean, and we finally joined the ranks (though I’m not sure Chris is so thrilled about … Continue reading

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the point

It’s official – I’ve hit “the point” in my pregnancy. The point where I can’t bend over. The point where I can no longer roll over in bed. The point where I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep. The … Continue reading

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friday morning cuties

I know this isn’t a great picture, but they were so cute on Friday morning; I want to always remember it.

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eventful day

Yesterday we had a scare with the baby. Don’t worry, everything is, in fact, fine. It’s been raining here on and off for the last week or so.  The day before yesterday I fussed at the girls about not being … Continue reading

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rainy afternoon tea party

I can’t think of anything better to do when the weather’s gloomy, can you? (And there’s Meg again with that smile.)

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