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luau birthday party

Last Friday, we had a luau-themed birthday party for the girls.  “Party” is a bit relative.  My mom’s side of the family was visiting from Pennsylvania for the week, but there were no other guests aside from them. The girls … Continue reading

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happy birthday Chris

Today is Chris’ 29th birthday!  (Since Afghanistan time is ahead of us, it’s been his birthday for a while already, but it’s now officially his birthday stateside.) Chris, we miss you and love you.  I feel sad that we’re spending … Continue reading

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tomato season

I’ve really been enjoying my parents’ tomato garden while we’ve been here.  It’s so wonderful to step right out the door and have thebesttomatoesyou’veevereaten right at your fingertips.  I’m even enjoying the cherry tomatoes, something I normally don’t care for. … Continue reading

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lemonade for sale

The girls begged and begged for me to make them strawberry lemonade.  I made it for them – the right way with real lemons and strawberries – and now instead of drinking it, Cate wants to sell it to me … Continue reading

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she grows

Cate turned 5 yesterday. My teeny tiny newborn… got a little older. Celebrated birthday… after birthday… after birthday… and has become my nearly-Kindergartener. Much. Too. Quickly. Happy birthday, Cate. We all love your serious and sensitive demeanor. You’re a wonderful … Continue reading

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happy 3rd birthday my goofy girl

You’re getting bigger and bigger every day.  You went from this. To this. To this. And now this. You are such a light in my life.  You’re always quick with a smile, a snuggle, a kiss; you’re such a loving … Continue reading

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pool time!

Since we’ve been here, Cate and Meg have spent hours and hours in the pool.  Blythe, however, has not.  I wasn’t sure if she’d be into it, and I was afraid she’d get too cold too quickly.  The other day … Continue reading

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Blythe says “mama”  I love it.

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so you know this big baby of mine?

She’s getting her first tooth. That’s at least 2 months earlier than either of the other girls.  Cate first came in when she was 8-8 1/2 months, and Meg’s was just a few days shy of 7 months. I like … Continue reading

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