game time (and that darn trash talkin’ snail)

Recently, I’ve been playing Snail’s Pace Race with Cate nearly every morning and she loves it. I love the game because 1.) the pieces are wooden and durable 2.) it’s easy for Cate to understand 3.) the players aren’t trying to beat one another, but rather it’s a “race” to see which snail will win first. It’s been a great first game for her.

I have to admit this, though. I’m a little concerned about that darn orange snail. He can be a bit, um, competivtive. And just plain rude.

Here’s a recap of this morning’s game.

First, Cate rolls the dice.

Roll the Dice

The blue snail takes an early lead. I won’t even tell you what name the Orange called Blue. This is a family site.

Blue Has an Early Lead

But what’s this? Here comes Orange, and he’s boasting, “Look out blue! You’ll never beat big daddy numero uno – moi. Mwahahaha!”

Here Comes Orange

Orange only has one more space and it’s in the bag. “Take that losers!” Orange snail proclaims.

So Close

Cate just can’t take the tension (or the smack talk.)

Oh the Tension!

Uh oh! Looks like Orange shouldn’t have been so cocky. Blue gets a double roll and makes it to the finish first.

Blue Wins

Doesn’t Blue look so proud on the finish line? And Orange, well, you can just tell he’s a sore loser. He refused to finish the race once blue won.


My best guess is that’s there’s some sort of sibling rivalry going on. I just hope they can work it out for Cate’s sake.

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6 Responses to game time (and that darn trash talkin’ snail)

  1. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    LoL, very creative post. I loved it! My fave is Catherine’s “tension” picture. hahahaha!

  2. Jenn says:

    How funny !

  3. Jamie says:

    LOL That’s cute!!!

  4. Ms. W says:

    Very cute!

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