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I have, obviously, been away from the blog for quite a while. My mom has come and gone. Chris is home!  He flew in on Thursday night, a week early to “surprise” me, but I figured it out and surprised … Continue reading

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the bad & the good

The bad I ended up in the ER (twice) on Sunday with Blythe. She was having trouble sleeping at naptime because she’s been so congested recently.  I was having to constantly resettle her.  Finally she couldn’t resettle, so I brought … Continue reading

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Things have been kind of bananas here, see? In all seriousness, after Chris left last Monday I put myself into survival mode.  We leave for the US on Thursday, and so I’ve been doing only what is necessary to get … Continue reading

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to war

Chris has left.

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Chris was supposed to leave us this coming Thursday.  Plans were changed this morning, and now we’ve got a few more weeks with him.  He won’t leave until early May.  We don’t know if he’ll have to stay an extra … Continue reading

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Cocok’s strawberry pedicure

Playing around on the computer to keep myself from going crazy.  Only a couple days left. When we got back from Okuma on Wednesday, I went to Cocok’s for a last little bit of solo time.  I asked the girls … Continue reading

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the deployment talk

We sat down last night with the girls for the official deployment talk.  Ugh. We hadn’t made any effort to hide it, but we hadn’t told them, either.  At their ages, it didn’t make any sense to tell them 6 … Continue reading

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