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new camera

I’ve only had it for a few hours, but I’m really enjoying the new camera!

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broken camera

My camera broke about a week ago, and I’m left without a camera until my new one comes in.  I feel lost without my camera.  You have no idea how many things I’ve wanted to take a picture of this … Continue reading

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what grownups do?

The girls talking to me this morning: Cate asks,”Mom, can my name be Erica when I grow up and I can drink wine?” Then Meg says, “When I grow up I will drink whiskey and my name will be Chris.”

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the saddest soccer player you’ve ever seen

Meg had her first soccer practice this morning.  She was so excited about it; she’s been talking about playing soccer since Cate did it last year, and has been just giddy with delight over the subject. As we were leaving … Continue reading

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note from the teacher

Here’s a note that came in the homework packet from Cate’s teacher.  I really like her, and she’s been a teacher for a while, and seems very educated, so I was shocked to find that she had written this.  It … Continue reading

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what Cate did

While Meg may have been making mischief, here’s what I found Cate doing when I came back downstairs last night. Cate pulled out a workbook we had in the house and a pencil, and was writing the words that went … Continue reading

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angry or proud?

Since we’ve been home, my usual routine when I put Blythe down for nap or bed is to occupy Cate and Meg with a show or activity while I go upstairs.  Generally speaking, I’m out of sight 10 minutes or … Continue reading

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