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Saturday, July 28th Cracker Barrel.  They’ve put the Halloween stuff out, and the girls oohed and aahed over every sparkly, shiny, or fluffy thing.

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Friday, July 27th Cate is such an interesting little girl.  For instance, she put her own mustard on her hot dog, and did she just squirt it on there?  Nope, she had to write her name in Japanese with the … Continue reading

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Thursday, July 26th The girls really, really love using Siri on my phone; they think it’s hilarious.  That’s probably due to the fact that Siri misunderstands most of what they say.  For example…

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Wednesday, July 25th With 139 microbreweries in Colorado, Chris is doing more than his fair share.  He has picked up a different beer each time in the store.

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Tuesday, July 24th Blythe climbed onto this rock at the playground…then couldn’t get down.  Oh joy.

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Monday, July 23rd Sunshine on mountains out my car (van) window.

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Sunday, July 22nd Sunday was hike at Helen Hunt falls, then a picnic and wading (ice cold!) just downstream.

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Saturday, July 21st Saturday brought a visit to the Air Force Academy, Chris taking Cate and Meg to fly kites during Blythe’s nap time, then supper and a Colorado Springs Sky Sox game in the evening. Busy, busy, fun day!

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Friday, July 20th

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Thursday, July 19th Cate made this sign for a “store” she made here in the room, but this sign is more right than she realizes.

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