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Chef Cate

Cate loves to help me in the kitchen. If she’s not sitting on the counter “helping” me, she’s throwing a fit. I’ve really had to struggle to find things she can do in the kitchen. There are too many things … Continue reading

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first kiddie pool day 2009

Cate has been begging to swim for weeks now, but although it’s been warm, I haven’t felt it was quite warm enough to let them submerge themselves in a kiddie pool of freezing cold hose water until yesterday. They ended … Continue reading

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nothing but trouble, this one

Yes, that is my lipstick.

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strawberry booty

Situation:  Cate at lunch a few minutes ago begins to giggle hysterically. Me: Clueless as to why – there’s no apparent reason.  So I ask. Cate:  “My strawberry has a booty!” Finding:  It does seem to have a booty. What … Continue reading

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one more post because I think they’re beautiful

Cate at the beach Meg playing dress up.

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brewed coffee

If anyone were to accuse me of having everything together (I don’t actually think I need to worry about it) let me offer up some proof that I don’t: And for the future, I will note that while brewing coffee, … Continue reading

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suppertime see-saw

There has been a lot going on here, both good and bad, so I won’t even try to update.  I’ll just give you this story. Yesterday as I was making supper the girls were playing in the backyard.  They were … Continue reading

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