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insomnia AND fatigue?!

I don’t understand how I can feel so tired every day but when night comes, have a hard time staying asleep. It seems that I’m up in the middle of each night for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, … Continue reading

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home sweet tlf

We’ve been back in Biloxi for about a week now. The mover’s have done their work and all our belongings are on their way to Japan. We have a pickup of things to go to storage next week and a … Continue reading

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just felt like sharing

I thought I’d wait a little longer this time around but… We’re having a baby! He or she will be due at Christmas. This pregnancy feels a lot different than the others – I’ve been feeling sick morning, noon, and … Continue reading

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tick, tick, tick

Time is flying. We’re going to be leaving the country in just a bit more than 3 weeks – wow! Chris has had a training out of town last week and this week, so he dropped Cate, Meg, and I … Continue reading

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