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Cate, Cate, Cate

This is how we found Cate this afternoon at naptime. Funny thing is, we didn’t put her to sleep in these clothes. The pants and shirt in the bottom left of the photo is what she was wearing. I guess … Continue reading

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this feels very thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another-ish

Meg was trying to take off her diaper today. What am I going to do if I have another naptime nudist? (Probably lose my mind…and use a lot of laundry detergent.)

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a new development in the pj plight

Cate loves to entertain Meg for me when Meg wakes up from a nap. She goes in and plays with her, which gives me a few minutes to finish up what I’m doing. I used to freak out when Cate … Continue reading

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crotchless pajamas

I guess the way Cate typically takes off her pajamas (nap clothes) has become boring to her. (I mean, come on, how many times can you take them off before you get sick of doing it the same old way?) … Continue reading

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new strategy

Since Cate refuses to keep her clothes on, I’ve decided to give her a little “motivation.” Everyday at nap, I’ve told her that if she keeps her clothing on and goes to sleep, she’ll get a “special treat.” IT’S BEEN … Continue reading

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naptime nudist

I have absolutely no way to keep Cate in her clothing at naptime and bedtime now. Yesterday I found her in her room naked, and so I redressed her in a swimsuit, then her nap clothes on top of that. … Continue reading

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Cate’s problem

So, Cate has a little problem to which I alluded earlier. She won’t keep her clothes on. During the day when she’s being supervised, this isn’t that big of a problem. Sure, it’s annoying to say, find her half naked … Continue reading

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