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marina park

The weather is so beautiful today; it had be itching to get outside. We decided to eat lunch at Marina Park and let the girls (well, really just Cate) play. Meg did get to swing for a little while, though … Continue reading

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shower gifts

I went to a baby shower today for my friends Margie and Courtney. Above is a picture of the presents that I brought. I forgot to take a picture of the gifts before I wrapped them, but I made them … Continue reading

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Summer of ’79

I received a package in the mail from my grandmother yesterday. In it was a giant bag full of miscellaneous photos; they ranged from when my mom was a small child, to a visit we made to Pennsylvania with Cate … Continue reading

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the warmest snow ever

It’s obvious Cate is a southern girl. I found her in her room all wrapped up in her comforter (the back side of it is white). She looked at me and asked, “Is Cate playing in the snow?” Umm… At … Continue reading

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homemade graham crackers

Yesterday I stumbled across a recipe for homemade graham crackers. I’ve always wanted to make them, so I tried it last night after the girls were in bed. I didn’t have graham flour on hand, and didn’t want to wait … Continue reading

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necklace finger

Recently, we’ve been teaching Cate the names of different fingers. Here she is showing me her “necklace” finger: She knew it was was her index finger when the only other fingers she knew were “thumb” and “pinky”. When I taught … Continue reading

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I think her hair is out of regs

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