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she’s a little to young for makeup still, don’t you think?

Cate told me she needed to go use the bathroom. She was taking a little too long, so I went back to check on her, and found she’d gotten into my makeup. It’s funny, but the photo above looks a … Continue reading

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how to remove petroleum jelly based products from hair

In case any of you run into this at some point in your lives, as scary as it sounds, baby oil will remove petroleum jelly from your hair. After trying many things and being frustrated, I gave in. I massaged … Continue reading

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pigtailed Meg

I’m loving Meg in pigtails. She’s worn them the last two days and I can’t get over how cute it is. I’ve been sneaking a ton of pictures of her in them at every angle. One last set for comparison. … Continue reading

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oh, I almost forgot

On a related note, anyone know how to remove Vaseline from hair? We washed it three times first thing this morning. No help. A few minutes ago, per the advice of Sir Google, I rubbed cornstarch in her hair, washed … Continue reading

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the most stressful week

This week has been hugely stressful for me. Sure, I’ve had worse things happen, but this past week has brought what seems to be a zillion little things that leave me wanting to rip my hair out. Just a few … Continue reading

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birthday gifts

We had a joint birthday party today for Cate and Meg’s friends, Eleanah and Adeline. They are turning 3 and 1; I whipped up these gifts for them. First, I made a set of personalized bean bags for each girl. … Continue reading

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because it’s been a while…

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dogs and children…

…are pretty darn gross. More than once today I’ve found Meg and Maude together. They really like one another and it seems one is constantly following the other. Today, however, their affection has gone to a completely different level. Meg … Continue reading

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photo by riandreu

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election day

Man, I will be so glad for this election to be done. I’m so sick of hearing so many negative things about how this person will ruin the country, or how that person will be even worse. Surely it should … Continue reading

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