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moving time

The holidays are barely over, and already we’ve started on our next adventure: moving. Our new home. Katrina wiped out a good bit of the housing here (housing that is something like 60 years old already) so the base is … Continue reading

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Santa came

Merry Christmas!

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movie and craft

Today felt like a good day for Sleeping Beauty, complete with popcorn. Speaking of popcorn, check out the popcorn strings Cate and I made yesterday afternoon. I love being able to do projects with her!

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it’s not a celebration until every child has cried

Or so it seems. I’ve just come to expect that any time we go anywhere, at least one of the children will cry before it’s over. Anything from an all day out of town trip to a trip to the … Continue reading

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who else loves Fiesta?

There’s a great giveaway here. Winning the contest would literally double my meager collection – one can dream, right?

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and the rough gets rougher

I didn’t mention it on Sunday when I posted because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it at the time. My brother-in-law, Sam, was involved in some sort of fight on Saturday night and ended up with a jaw … Continue reading

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can I tell you how much I love the xbox?

Yup, I just said (wrote) that. And I mean it. Today I put up some Christmas decorations (only a few since we’ll likely be moving in the next 2 weeks, but maybe as long as a month from now…but that’s … Continue reading

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Well, I DID have some other posts planned…

…but then my camera went berserk and I can’t upload pictures. You’ll have to make do with this post instead. I’ve been busy, busy, busy lately making Christmas gifts, cooking, and (occasionally) cleaning. I wish I could post all the … Continue reading

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I’m a little embarassed to go to the grocery store with a list like this

I need to make trip for groceries, and was putting together a list. While cooking yesterday, I found that I’m nearly out of a lot of my staples. I started to compose a list of things I need to buy, … Continue reading

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