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I’m glad I have these pictures…

…to help remind me of how much I love them even when they drive me up the wall.   For the record, tonight was one of those nights where Cate drove me up the wall. I found her in my … Continue reading

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note about the challah

The recipe for the challah can be found here. Instead of making two smaller spiral loaves or rolls like the recipe instructs, I made a large braided loaf. (You can find instructions for a six strand braided loaf here.) I … Continue reading

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Chris is out of town again this week, so maybe I’m trying to keep myself busy? At any rate, I made challah today, which is something I’ve been wanting to do since we’ve been here and haven’t had a store … Continue reading

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budding fashionista

I have to admit that I’m often awed by Cate’s ability to put together an outfit. She often dresses herself now, and a great majority of the time, I’m okay with what she’s chosen. And some days, like today, I’m … Continue reading

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celebrating fall

Chris is going to be out of town for most of the next two weeks (San Antonio this week, Orlando next week. Poor thing, huh?) Since he’s going to be gone, we decided to fit in some fall fun this … Continue reading

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Meg sliding

Here’s a video of Meg going down the slide upright for the first time! (Hence, I sound excited) She normally turns around and goes down on her belly feet first.

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silhouette tees

I made these shirts for the girls last night, and I thought I’d share. The best part is that they cost less than $4 a piece!

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