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broken camera

My camera broke about a week ago, and I’m left without a camera until my new one comes in.  I feel lost without my camera.  You have no idea how many things I’ve wanted to take a picture of this … Continue reading

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blogger dates

I finally got around to adjusting the time to the time zone here and now it seems that it’s re-dated all of my old posts. So, if you’re looking at something old and the dates don’t seem right, it’s not … Continue reading

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brewed coffee

If anyone were to accuse me of having everything together (I don’t actually think I need to worry about it) let me offer up some proof that I don’t: And for the future, I will note that while brewing coffee, … Continue reading

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Cate is exhausted today, enough so that I thought I could get her to take a nap.  She asked to wear pajamas, I read her a book and tucked her in.  Then I went to my room to take care … Continue reading

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the most stressful week

This week has been hugely stressful for me. Sure, I’ve had worse things happen, but this past week has brought what seems to be a zillion little things that leave me wanting to rip my hair out. Just a few … Continue reading

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I’m glad I have these pictures…

…to help remind me of how much I love them even when they drive me up the wall.   For the record, tonight was one of those nights where Cate drove me up the wall. I found her in my … Continue reading

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stupid, stupid me

I’m off to the ER in a minute for a likely ankle sprain, but I want to get it checked out to make sure it’s nothing more as I’m supposed to be headed to my mom and dad’s for the … Continue reading

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