brewed coffee

If anyone were to accuse me of having everything together (I don’t actually think I need to worry about it) let me offer up some proof that I don’t:

Brewed Coffee
And for the future, I will note that while brewing coffee, it tends to work a lot better if you put something to catch it, say a carafe, on the bottom.
Where is my head?
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2 Responses to brewed coffee

  1. cassandra sagan webb says:

    Oh no!!!!

  2. Teri says:

    Oh Gosh, Erica! I am so sorry! Apparently I did this at work one time without knowing it (since I used to make the coffee for my boss as my "morning responsibilities" even thougH I don't drink coffee ever). If the carafe wasn't in there "just right" it spilled all over the counter & I guess that's what happened! Lucky for me, boss had to clean up the mess!!

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