the girl who cried "potty"

We’re at a very strange (and annoying!) part in potty training. Cate no longer wears a diaper, but she still can’t hold it for very long when she decides she needs to go. When she says “potty” we make a mad dash for it.

The problem comes now that Cate has realized that we’ll go to the bathroom every time she asks. Every time we go someplace, she tells us she needs to go. Every. Single. Time. And every place we go if there is more than one errand we’re running.

Sometimes she’ll actually go, but more often than not, she gets on, then tells me, “No, no, no. No potty.” Ugh. This often will happen more than once in the same store.

At what point do I decide not to take her? At what point do I decide she’s crying “wolf”?

For now, I suppose I’ll have to drop everything and take her every single time. Every. Single. Time.

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