necklace finger

Recently, we’ve been teaching Cate the names of different fingers. Here she is showing me her “necklace” finger:

Necklace Finger

She knew it was was her index finger when the only other fingers she knew were “thumb” and “pinky”. When I taught her “ring” finger, it was all over. Her index finger was dubbed her necklace finger, and I’m having a hard time re-teaching her. One thing she does know for certain – her necklace finger can do things Mommy doesn’t approve of, such as:


No, I don’t approve. Everytime she does it, she mimics me telling her, “Finger out of your nose!”

Maybe she’s actually mocking me…

(See Chris, I do know the difference between “mimic” and “mock”. Ha!)

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One Response to necklace finger

  1. Cajunchic says:

    lol When I was pregnant with my daughter my son used to dig in his nose and pull out a buggar just to see me gag. I think kids just like the shock value

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