Summer of ’79

I received a package in the mail from my grandmother yesterday. In it was a giant bag full of miscellaneous photos; they ranged from when my mom was a small child, to a visit we made to Pennsylvania with Cate when she was 14 months old.

It was so neat to look through them! I’ll probably be posting some from time-to-time, but first, I wanted to put this picture up of my mom.

Summer of '79

My mom (left) and a friend in 1979.

She was so stinkin’ skinny! I’ve seen other photos where she was very thin, but never quite like this! My goodness, she looks amazing (even if she does have a very dated haircut…sorry Mom!)

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2 Responses to Summer of ’79

  1. Cajunchic says:

    wow look at those ab muscles. I am so jealous right now. I used to have abs like that in my pre child days. *sob*

  2. * Tyly * says:

    Wow! Your mom was (and I’m sure still is) beautiful!!!!

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