Thanksgiving – the sequel

I’m not the only obsessive picture-taker in the family! Here’s Sally (the youngest sibling) with Jose’s new camera.

So, I mentioned that we went to New Orleans to have a Thanksgiving celebration with Chris’ family. I finally found the cord to the computer so I could put up a few pictures.

Lauren & Meg

First off, I must say the food was EXCELLENT! Instead of roast turkey, Lauren (#2 of the 6 of them) “disassembled” the turkey, marinated it, and grilled it. The marinade was some sort of honey and grainy mustard concoction. I need the find out what she did; we loved it. Rachel (#3) brought a honey baked ham. Laura (my mother-in-law) made jambalaya, which went really well with everything, even if it doesn’t seem traditional. I think we should start making jambalaya a tradition because it complimented everything so nicely. I brought sweet potato casserole. (recipe here) I’m glad that there was a twist on some of the classic dishes. It was welcome after the big meal we’d ad a few days earlier.

The table was so colorful.

Both Rebecca (#5) and Jose (Lauren’s husband) have birthdays coming up soon, so we had a cake to celebrate. Three guesses who was thrilled out of her mind. That’s right – Cate. When we left she made sure to say goodbye to the birthday cake, and was still talking about it yesterday. That girl is nuts about cakes and birthdays. Cate knows the words to “Happy Birthday” now and sung along with everyone.

Rebecca, Jose, Cate, & Sally.

After the meal we stayed for a little while, but both girls were beginning to get a little rough around the edges from not getting enough sleep. If it hadn’t been for the stupid road closure on the way back, the day would have been completely successful.

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