happy 3rd birthday my goofy girl

You’re getting bigger and bigger every day.  You went from this.


To this.


To this.

The night before 2

And now this.

3 Years Old

You are such a light in my life.  You’re always quick with a smile, a snuggle, a kiss; you’re such a loving and happy girl.  Thank you for making life more fun for all of us.

You were so excited to wake up this morning and tell everyone that you were “free now – not two anymo!” Happy 3rd birthday my baby!

*Just a note for you, Meg, when you get older and read this – I tried and tried to get a picture of you today without your funny faces. You insisted, so here’s what I’ve got. Thing is, it’s perfectly you.

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2 Responses to happy 3rd birthday my goofy girl

  1. Laura says:

    Meg is such a delight!!She reminds me so much of her father when he was little.

  2. Nikki says:

    Happy Birthday to your cute girl! My little Hammy just turned three and loves to tell everyone, “I free! I had a birtday!”

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