Getting There

Now that it’s had time to sink in, the next thing we’ve got to figure out it how to get there.   One could fly.  One could even take a ferry.  We are going to drive.

The military will ship one vehicle for us, but that still leaves another vehicle and our Airstream, at which we’ve been plugging away at trying to get it ready to use.

1972 Airstream Overlander

Yes, we plan to drive the 3, 277 miles from our house to Anchorage.  With 3 kids.  And a dog.  And a 27 foot camper.

Considering that this will also be our vacation, we might add a few stops and camp at some national parks on the way.  All in all, it’s shaping up to be no less than a nine day trip, and possibly up to two weeks.  Everything I’ve read online recommends getting a copy  of The Milepost, and when the 2015 issue is available in March, I’m sure I’ll immerse myself in it and get a better idea of our travel plans.  Until then I’ll obsessively read about the drive online relax.

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