Alaska, Alaska, Alaska.  How can I have never been to a place yet so badly want to live there?

I don’t know why, but I’ve had a lifelong fascination with Alaska.  As an Air Force brat, I always hoped my dad’s next assignment would take us there, but it never happened.  This year, when I knew we had a PCS coming up, and Chris might be amenable to a move to Alaska after adjusting to colder weather in Colorado these last few years, I was hopeful.  Actually, more than that.  Internally desperate.

The assignments list came out in December and it had four open positions that would work for Chris.  He put them down as choices #1-#4.  We also had some other decent possibilities, but I knew I’d be heartbroken if we didn’t get to go to Anchorage.  I’ve been like a madwoman this last month (Chris would say longer than that) hoping every day that there would be good news about our assignment.

Then on Wednesday it came, the news I’d been hoping for.  We’re going to Alaska!

I can still scarcely believe it.  It feels so strange to finally get something you’ve been hoping for your whole life.

We’re going to Alaska!

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2 Responses to Alaska

  1. Pete says:

    Sometimes dreams do come true! Good luck.

  2. Girl Gone Expat says:

    Wow! Congrats! Wish it was me:))

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