Thursday, July 5th

We came to Colorado Springs thinking we were going to live in base housing.  We had a few days to kill before the appointment to accept the house.  During that time, we realized just how terrible the school next to the base seemed to be, so started poking around a little to see what could be found closer to a good school.  We spent the entire day, minus nap time, in the car looking at place after place after place.  Unfamiliar with the town, we made a wrong turn and quickly found ourselves in the country next to this horse pasture.


If you’re ever hunting, I have to say that Zillow is an excellent resource!  I have the app on my phone, and from the app you are able to look around your location, as well as search in more traditional manners.  You can search for rentals, houses for sale, or both.  (Since I’m writing this post a little later, I can tell you that Zillow is how we ultimately found our house.  We went to look at a listing we found on there, and while there, did a search for others in the area, and found the house we are going rent.)

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