Thursday, May 17th

Blythe went upstairs by herself, and when she was quiet for a bit too long, I sent Cate and Meg to see what she was up to.  I heard excited screams, then, “Mom!  Huey is outside on the roof!  Come quickly!”


Blythe opened the window, the cat went out, then Blythe shut the screen, trapping him outside.  The way our house is, there is a part of the roof right outside the girls’ windows.  As I went to the window to let him back in, he bolted, terrified, and parked himself by the neighbor’s window.  It took several minutes of coaxing to get him to get within arms’ reach.  That darn cat!

So, not only did we have the problem of Huey outside, we now know that Blythe knows how to open the windows, and the design is such that there is no way to lock it to keep her from opening it.  The windows lock so they can’t be opened from the outside, but there is nothing stopping her from opening them on the inside.  Thank goodness we’re out of here in a week!

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