Sunday, April 15th

Last night we were getting the kids ready for bed when we heard a yowling outside our living room door.  We couldn’t figure out if it was a kid or a car, so Chris went outside to investigate.

He found a cat, and at first mistook it for Huey (it was also a brown tabby.)  We quickly realized it wasn’t Huey, and the cat had hidden under the lawn mower cover.  Chris flicked up the lawnmower cover and discovered that not only did we have a cat on the porch, we had a mama cat with a litter of very new kittens.

We looked up the local humane society, and were directed to call Security Forces for the pickup.  Security Forces assured me they would take them to the kennel when collected, and sent someone out.

Unfortunately, when they came, the mama cat dashed off and stayed within eyesight, but out of reach.  I lifted the cover of the lawn mower to show the animal control man the kittens.  The man said they’d come back in the morning and set a trap for the mama, then gather the babies.


When they came back the next morning, the mama and kittens were gone, to a place she felt safer I guess.

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