February 18th

I got to get out tonight sans kids with a friend.  It was so nice to sit and enjoy myself and not play referee to the girls.

We went to Arin Krin (aka the garlic house) and saw this gem painted on the wall.


Also, I want to remember that this is the day Meg got fired.  She was having a meeting with her Barbie’s and came into the room where I was and told me, “Mom, I got fired from my job today.”

I played along asking, “Oh no!  What happened?”

“Well, my boss wanted a drink but I actually gave him a potion.”

“What did the potion do?”

“Turned him into a zombie.  I tried chicken to change him back and it didn’t work.  Then I tried beef and it didn’t work.  Then I tried bacon and it didn’t work.  So I tried beef jerky and worked, but I was still fired.”

Where in the world does this comes from?

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  1. Laura says:

    Brings me back to the days of Barbie & Puppy Keeper …… Jessie & Ally were in love with dogs & puppies at the time and, at about the age of 5 or 6, I’d guess, their brunette Barbie, the one who had loads of imaginary puppies, was named “Puppy Keeper”. Can’t forget a name like that!

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