February 4th

Five minutes passed as I made lunch.  I thought Blythe was watching TV in the living room, where I’d situated her.  When I called the girls to the table, I realized she wass upstairs, and that she’d found the foam soap.


The other day she found the marshmallow fluff we use for hot chocolate and rubbed that in her hair.  Curious, messy little girl. She’s going to make me (more) insane.

P.S.  I realized as I was taking the picture that she was crying because the soap was stinging her eyes.  I thought she was crying about being caught.  I’ve never felt so terrible for taking a picture.

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3 Responses to 35

  1. Poor you. Poor Blythe.

    I guess it takes a third child to get into mischief. I never had that with my two…

  2. Shannon H. says:

    Oh My Silly Blythe, what will you get into next?

  3. Oh kids. When they get really quiet, you know they are up to something naughty. That picture reminded me of my 2 year and her cup of yogurt. She poured it all over herself and starting hand painting on the walls with it. I also thought she was watching TV and being a good girl.

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