extensions. for my 2 year old.

The girls have seen several friends and classmates with a small piece of colorful hair woven in with the rest of their hair recently.  Guess what they also wanted.

Since today was a holiday and we didn’t have anything else planned, I declared it “girls’ day” and I let them choose the activities.  They wanted fake hair, then soba for lunch, and a movie during Blythe’s nap.

We went to the place where they do the extensions, and I was only planning on getting one for Cate and Meg.  Alas, Blythe objected big time.  “I want pink hair too!  I want pink!  I want pink!”  Since it was quick, cheap, and not at all permanent, I let her.  Yes, mother of the year here.  I let my 2-year-old get a hair extension.  It sounds so much worse than what it actually is.  After that, the girls wanted to know why I didn’t have any.  So, I chose purple for mine.  No picture, at least not yet.

Cate & Meg's Pink Hair

Blythe's Pink Hair

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One Response to extensions. for my 2 year old.

  1. Nana says:

    Wonderful pictures and the girls look as cute as can be BUT where’s Mom? Love to all.

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