January 13th

My cutie Blythe.  How much I love her (even if she does prefer Shannon when she’s around).


I swear I become invisible and all she wants is Shannon any time we’re together.  We met for coffee this morning, then let the kids all play at the playground after school, and Blythe was over the moon that she was there. I would say that it hurts my feelings, but really I’m glad that she likes someone else so much, and that she gets the “aunt” experience despite being so far from our family.

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3 Responses to 13

  1. Nana says:

    I opened this early this morning and cannot bear to close it! That smile of her’s is reaching across the world to her Nana and her Nana is loving it! Keep these pictures coming.

  2. Shannon H. says:

    My Princess Blythe- Miss Shannon “Emma” loves you so much!!

  3. Carol Lobrano says:

    Love this picture – her smile makes me happy.

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