January 9th

Meg taking care of her baby.


“She was just born yesterday.  She’s very sleepy.  Her grandpa has to help me take care of her because her dad is in Afghanistan for a lots of couple of weeks.  Her grandpa is my big bear.  He’s very old.  He helps me take care of my baby and my other kids.  My kids always ask me for chocolate, but they whine a lot, so they don’t get any chocolate.  I’m a good mom and don’t want my kids to have too much candy because that will make them sick.  But my baby can’t have any chocolate.  She just drinks milk.  She’s the only one who doesn’t whine because the milk makes her sleepy.  Isn’t she beautiful?”

On, and on, and on it goes.  I just love her imagination and storytelling.  She’s got a gift for it.

While Meg spent the morning tending to her baby, I’m now tending to her.  Round 2 (in a month) of a stomach virus has hit our house.  I’m really hoping it passes me over this time.

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  1. Nana says:

    So our Meg is a storyteller, eh? These posts just keep revealing more and more charming and endearing qualities in the girls. I must say I am very proud of my great great grandchild and proud of her mother’s high level of awareness and responsibility. Please tell her that Nana is smiling at this picture. Hugs

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