gingerbread house

We made our first gingerbread house this year and had a blast doing it!

Gingerbread House

A very special thanks to Nana for sending us the pans and kicking off a new tradition.

P.S. The girls haven’t even TRIED to eat the candy off of the house.  Impressive, no?

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3 Responses to gingerbread house

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nana is sooo thrilled that you are enjoying it. It’s beautiful and for sure I’m VERY IMPRESSED that the girls haven’t eaten any of it! My good lttle munchkins! Onward with tradition!

  2. Having traditions for the holidays is priceless. You will have to be sure to post pictures of the gingerbread house each year to see how you progress and develop. I am surprised that any candy is left on it at all!!!! I am so proud of the childhood you are giving those girls.

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