“smudges easily”

Chris made the joke this weekend that Blythe “smudges easily.”  It seems that it’s true – this girl is always dirty!  If there is anything that could make a mess, she finds it.  Then rubs it all over face.  And her clothes.  And her hair.

It’s a special talent.

Case in point, playing outside yesterday.  I should have taken a picture of the real “after” but here’s part of it.  We’d been outside for all of a minute and a half when she found a bingo dotter (I have no idea what they’re called) in the next-door neighbor’s toy bin.  Of course the lid was off, so on her face it went.

"Smudges Easily"

The real “after” I mentioned involves lots of grass stains and dirt.  So much dirt.

Now off to wash more laundry.  With her around, there is a ton.

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