Nakijin cherry blossoms, Ufuya & pineapple park

While many of you in the US are frozen in, here in Okinawa, the weather is beautiful.  65 and sunny most days.  Jealous?

The weekend we decided to get out and go look at the cherry blossoms.  Being so far south (around 1000 miles south of Tokyo), cherry blossoms bloom in Okinawa first.  Man, are they beautiful!

We drove north on Sunday to the Nakijin Castle ruins.  I wish I would have learned more about the castle itself, but really, our intent was to see the sakura.  The ruins are situated on the side of a large hill (mountain?) and the views were spectatular!

Nakijin Sakura 2

After we finished there, we decided to try out a well-known soba shop in the area.  It was one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve been to.  The food was good, but the restaurant itself was so interesting.  It’s built on a hill, so you enter a building at the bottom of the hill, and there are a lot of small rooms with tables that you climb steps to get to.  There is a waterfall that runs down the hill, just feet from the window of the restaurant.  That combined with a lush garden the waterfall ran through mesmerized the girls during the entire meal.  The only mishap we had was that Cate got lost for a few minutes.  I was inside paying, and Chris went outside to put shoes back on everyone (it was a traditional Japanese restaurant, after all.)  We each thought she was with the other.  When we realized she wasn’t we split up and ran to find her.  Luckily, she was quickly located.  She’d headed out to the parking lot, and she was being led back in, sobbing, by a friendly stranger.  I know bad things can happen even here, but I really love Japan.  I feel safe.

Ufuya Soba Collage

After the soba shop, we stopped by Pinapple Park on the way home as an extra treat for the girls.  I didn’t take many pictures there.  I’m glad we went.  I’m also glad we didn’t make the trip up just for it.  It took an hour to get through all of it, and we each had our fill of every kind of pineapple treat you can imagine.

I’m looking forward to getting around the island more as the weather is at its best of the whole year.

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2 Responses to Nakijin cherry blossoms, Ufuya & pineapple park

  1. nana says:

    so happy to see the new post. sounds like a wonderful experience and we share in your pleasure from so far away. love the photos!

  2. Melissa says:

    Great information! We’re waiting on orders and I did a quick search for blogs about Okinawa. 🙂

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