1 year old

On December 29th, my little baby turned one year old.  Hip hip hooray…sniff, sniff.

She’s so full of spunk.  I love this little girl.

Blythe's First Birthday Banana Cupcake

On her actual birthday, I made banana cupcakes.  Blythe can eat her weight in bananas, so it was fitting.  And boy, did she enjoy them.

We gave her a baby doll for her first birthday, which prompted her to say her first word – “baby”!  How cool that she said her first word on her first birthday.

We had a small combined birthday party for Blythe and our neighbor’s son, Ethan (who turned 5) at our house on New Year’s day.  We had red balloons and decorations and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Blythe's First Birthday Cake

She wore a white (well, really cream) dress for her birthday party, just like Cate and Meg. She looked adorable accessorized with her red tights and red hair clip.

Blythe - First Birthday Party

Here are some notes about Blythe at 1 year old.

  • She weighs 21 1/2 lbs, which is just a bit more than Cate and Meg each weighed at the same age.  I thought she would be much bigger than that, but her growth has seemed to slow down over the months.
  • She loves, loves, loves, loves bananas.
  • She wears 12-18 month clothes.
  • Blythe’s favorite book is Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton.  She gets very excited when we pull it out.
  • She’s not walking quite yet, but she’s working on it.  She practices standing, and cruises around everywhere.
  • She’s taking 2 naps a day still.
  • Bedtime is 6:30, and she wakes up anywhere from 5:00 am to 7:30 am.  I prefer the 7:30 am wakeup, though really I’d settle for a consistent time.
  • Blythe rips out all hair bows.  Sometimes she’ll leave it alone for a few hours, sometimes it’s out within a few seconds.  We usually have to fix a little ponytail up front because it’s more difficult for her to pull a hairband out.  It HAS to be pinned back, though, because it falls right in her face.
  • She knows pat-a-cake and gives “up tops” (high fives) as well as waves hello and goodbye.
  • She is mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • Blythe has learned to give us kisses.  Yes, she often has an open mouth, but it’s adorable anyway.
  • She really loves men.  If there is a man around to hold her, that’s who she wants.  If I try and take her out of a man’s arms, she throws a fit.  She wants to be with the boys.
  • Everyone falls in love with her when we’re out and about.  She hasn’t met a stranger yet, and smiles and waves to people constantly.

I can’t imagine what our lives would be like without our Blythe.  A little less hectic, surely, but also a lot less fun.

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