Halloween 2010

Still not feeling much motivation to sit down and write something, but I at least wanted to share this little bit from Halloween.

First, the pumpkins.  Cate and Meg both wanted sad pumpkins.  They said they wanted them to be sad because they “missed their dad when he was in Afghanistan.”  Chris and I chose to make the other two happy, because who wants a family full of sad jack-o’-lanterns?

2010 Jack-O'-Lantern

Here’s a shot of our costumes this year.  The girls said they wanted us to dress up, so we did.  We all went as Wizard of Oz characters.  Blythe’s hood is not up in the photo, but she was dressed as the lion.

McMillian Halloween 2010

When I tried on my costume when it came in the girls exclaimed, “Wow!  You’re so ugly!”  They meant it as a compliment. We may have a little work to do on the specifics of being polite.  They were scared my skin was going to stay green forever, so I had to wash it off before they went to bed to prove that it was just makeup.

The weather was perfect on Saturday during trick-or-treat hours, and the girls had a great time.  What made this year even better is that Chris was home to enjoy it with us.  We didn’t think he’d be home until yesterday, so it definitely felt a lot sweeter this year.

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3 Responses to Halloween 2010

  1. nana says:

    Life is rich, my darling ones.

  2. Briana says:

    until today i stumbles across your blog.
    i dont even remember how.
    this whole day for a good three hours i spent going throught your old blog and this blog..
    it sound really creepy.. i know.
    but you have the cutest family and i’m glad your husband is home safely.
    i’m really looking forward to see your posts to come.

  3. Teri says:

    What a great family picture!! 🙂

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