the bad & the good

The bad

I ended up in the ER (twice) on Sunday with Blythe.

She was having trouble sleeping at naptime because she’s been so congested recently.  I was having to constantly resettle her.  Finally she couldn’t resettle, so I brought her downstairs, where all she wanted to do was lay on me.  Her temperature went from fairly normal to 104.7 within about an hour and a half.  That, combined with her rapid, shallow breathing and coughing sent us to the ER.

Turns out she has pneumonia.  It’s in the early stages, so they ended up sending us home with medicine and an appointment to follow up on Tuesday.  We got home, I gave Blythe her antibiotics, and put her to bed.  About an hour after she went to bed, she threw up.  Then again.  Then again.  All within about 30 minutes.  I took her back to the ER where she threw up again.  4 times within an hour.  They think it was just a combo of already feeling crappy, and then medicine on top of that.  She hasn’t thrown up since, so I think they were right.  She was given some Zofran and we went home again.  By this time it was midnight.  The girls were up promptly at 6.

I didn’t mention that Cate is also sick; running a fever and coughing.  It’s been fun.

So, while all of that is bad, something good has come of it: my mom is on her way!  Her plane should be taking off in about 45 minutes.  She’ll be here in about 26 hours (but who’s counting.)  Thanks to a very generous gift from my concerned grandmother, my mom gets a two-week trip here without having to forfeit the trip she’d planned for next summer.


I’m so glad for the help that’s coming, and within a few days of her leaving, Chris will be home.  I can hardly contain my excitement for the next couple weeks.

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3 Responses to the bad & the good

  1. What an incredible blessing Erica. There’s nothing like a mama to make you feel better!

  2. nana says:

    OMG, what a gift! I’m so happy for all of you! There is a God Erica and he surely loves you!

  3. Laura says:

    Please keep us posted. I am so worried.

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