the saddest soccer player you’ve ever seen

Meg had her first soccer practice this morning.  She was so excited about it; she’s been talking about playing soccer since Cate did it last year, and has been just giddy with delight over the subject.

As we were leaving the house, I applied sunscreen to Meg.  She rubbed some into her eye.  She starting crying and didn’t fully stop for the entire hour of practice.  When she did stop crying, she’d stand like this.

Sad Soccer Player

In the last 2 months or so, I’ve noticed that Meg is becoming very shy.  It doesn’t take her too long to warm up, but when there are new people around, she clams up.  My mile-a-minute talker doesn’t make a peep.

I think the shyness was her main issue this morning.  When it was just me working with her (the parents are heavily involved in the 3 & 4 year old league) she would participate, but as soon as coach even said, “Great job!” to her, she quit.

She has a natural athleticism, so it’s just a matter of getting her to break out of her shell a little bit.  I’m sure it’ll be better next time, and by the end it, she’ll be doing great.  It sure hurts my heart in the meantime.

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4 Responses to the saddest soccer player you’ve ever seen

  1. nana says:

    hurts nana’s heart too but i have FULL confidence that this little super star will come into her own on the soccer field or anywhere she finds herself. XXOO

  2. Mom says:

    Wow, the body language on this one – not a happy camper. I am sorry that she didn’t have a great start – I know she wa super excited for this. Sally is correct – she will come into her own!

  3. Cassandra says:

    Aww, I just want to give her a hug!

  4. Chelsey says:

    Aww..poor baby! That is the saddest soccer player I’ve ever seen! 😦

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