note from the teacher

Here’s a note that came in the homework packet from Cate’s teacher.  I really like her, and she’s been a teacher for a while, and seems very educated, so I was shocked to find that she had written this.  It makes me wonder if, perhaps, a helper wrote it instead.  I can’t believe that anyone who had an inkling would let this slip.  I’m far from perfect myself, and I know everyone makes the occasional typo, but this is far more than that.

Dear Parents:

Enclosed you will find the following: last weeks checked homework packet and this weeks homework packet.  Also, a reading booklet is included in this weeks packet.  Our class has practiced reading this booklet.  Please have your child place his or her finger on each word as they read, ( this way you will know if they know the words.)

The note is typed exactly as it is, except I added the italics.  The “weeks” thing is about to give me convulsions.

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2 Responses to note from the teacher

  1. Cassandra says:

    You’re probably right (at least let’s hope so) – an aide probably typed up this letter.

  2. Teri says:

    This would drive me crazy, too – but being a teacher myself and also having been an aide (and knowing what other aides are like), I never would let an aide type something up unless I knew they would do it exactly as I would – I am too much of a word nerd to let typos slip by like that!

    As an aside, thanks for responding about my sore-spot on my blog – it’s still killing me, but I’m glad to know it’s normal. I am going to ask the dr. about it this week!

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