angry or proud?

Since we’ve been home, my usual routine when I put Blythe down for nap or bed is to occupy Cate and Meg with a show or activity while I go upstairs.  Generally speaking, I’m out of sight 10 minutes or less.

Tonight I came downstairs to find Meg had decided she couldn’t wait for me to get done to get a glass of milk.  She climbed up onto the counter, got out a kid cup, got out the jug of milk, poured it, spilled it, and then got paper towels and cleaned up the spill.  I don’t know whether to be angry that she didn’t just wait, and that she made a mess, or if I should be proud that she took care of her own needs, and even cleaned up when she made a mess.  I’m certainly not too excited about the idea of her climbing onto the counters lest she fall, but I also love her taking initiative and taking care of her own needs.  Also, it was milk.  She wasn’t trying to get cookies.  Should I push patience or independence?

Sort of a side note, I asked Meg why she didn’t just wait for me, and she told me, “I was hot so I needed to get a drink to cool down.”  Yum!  Nothing like a cold glass of milk to refresh you.  Blech.  And we’re in an air conditioned house.

I just don’t know what I’m going to do with Meg sometimes.  She’s both a mess and a riot.

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2 Responses to angry or proud?

  1. Commend her for her initiative, but remind her that helping her do stuff is your job. Next time, supervise the pouring of the milk and perhaps give her pointers on how to do it!

  2. Amy Waters says:

    i think you should be happy that she cleaned up the mess she made. and that she didn’t put sugar in the coffee pot 😉

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